Sunday, 31 July 2011

Gods Own Country - Kerala!!

Kerala which means groove of Coconut trees is the beauty of South India.a destination loved by all the visitors.The experience during monsoons is a never forgetting one,this is the time when God covers his own land with the green natural blanket.. 
 have a meal, 60 rs. plate and eat endlessly, with no extra charges, every possible spices could be tasted in above recipe....
 streets of kerala are as cleaned as ur brains :) trust me, you will not find these Go Green streets anywhere else in south india and ofcourse kerala is the best tourist place in india awarded by ministry of tourism industry recently.
 city streets and most places would show a fine traditional culture of south india, just go and search those old time valuable items.  
 a still at kochi(cochin) beach
a still at kochi(cochin) beach
a still at kochi(cochin) beach
writing the mysterious name on the sand is like writing your own story which will be edited and then erased by tears of ocean.

 a sunset view at kochi beach

 couple's retreiving their love expression from the sea. perfect time to be with your loved ones.

 waterfall at kochi-munnar route
 helmet is a must, any coconut can prove to be your destiny.
a shop having variety of fruits, have a banana!!!

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